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Currently showing at uber, Rewind, and Hairology

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Color Change HUD System


Hair Colors & Packs

Astrology has a collection of 75 hair colors in 582 variations. Whether you prefer solid, ombre, or streaked, there's something here to fit your needs. Purchase a pack with over 60 textures for L$250, create a custom pack for L$400, or buy them all for L$1000. Fat packs include 40 bonus colors.


Tons of Features

Customize your look with features built in to every HUD. Hide or show edges and baby hair or black roots. Color the left or right sides of your hair independently. Use multiple HUDs to create a unique color scheme. Add a part in one of 8 skin colors to any eligible style. Don't like the effect? Just turn it off.


Custom Color HUD

Create your own color pack with our unique custom coloring HUD. Use the Custom Color Loader to fill any number of Custom HUDs with up to 20 of your favorite colors from our entire collection. You can then use your new pack to color your hair any number of times. Need more colors? Just purchase another HUD pack.

More info on features will be available soon

Join the Press Team

We're looking for 10-20 bloggers, vloggers, and photographers to help get the word out about Astrology.

Bloggers will be contracted for 3-6 months before the blogger group is cleared and applications are reopened. A selection of previous bloggers will be invited to a permanent spot on the team.


Blog Posts

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