Astrology Blogger Search

Astrology Blogger Search

The Astrology Spring Blogger Search is officially under way! Applications are open from April 28th – May 12th.

Please refer to the follow rules and requirements before applying to make sure you’re a good fit. Rules are subject to change since this is a new brand and I need to get a good feel for what will work best.


What I’m Looking For

  • At least 10-20 bloggers, vloggers, and photographers. If you don’t have an actual blog, that’s fine. Followers on Flickr are YouTube are just as good as blog readers.
  • People who create content that will be a good fit for the brand. Clean photos with clearly visible hair products are preferred. While I don’t mind photoshopped artsy photos, if you edit hair in every one of your photos it won’t be a good representation of the actual product.
  • Stats are not important, but I would still like to have some people from both the low and high ends of the spectrum (this IS still a business after all). Stat-based questions on the app are just to make it easier for me to make sure I hit all areas. Please don’t feel intimidated.

Please do not apply if you redraw or add painted strands to your hair. Your photos are appreciated but for official bloggers, I want photos that show people what they’ll actually be buying. There may be opportunities for you available at a later time.

Contract Timeframe: 3 or 6 month rotation

To give people a chance to blog for Astrology, we’ll have a rotation of bloggers. Everyone starts in the rotation but dedicated bloggers who enjoy using our products may be offered a permanent spot on our Press Team.

The exact time frame is TBD but will be no less than 3 and no more than 6 months.

Item Delivery

Items will be sent out in world through a subscriber kiosk so you can collect items at any time. Items will remain available from the kiosk for the duration of your blogging season. After the season, items will be removed in preparation for the next season. Keep this in mind if you become a permanent blogger to make sure you don’t miss anything!


Posts per month

Since there isn’t much inventory yet and I don’t have a solid idea of how many items I’ll be releasing each month, there is no posting quota for this round and there won’t be a penalty for not blogging a release.

I’d appreciate at least 1 post per month, even if I end up releasing more than 1 item that month, but it’s up to you. If I don’t release anything within a certain month, no pressure, of course!

Give notice if you’ll no longer be blogging Astrology products

If you ever want to leave the group before your rotation is up, contact me so I can remove you. You only need to leave if you no longer plan to blog any Astrology items.

Crediting of products

Text stating where products are from or a link to your blog post with credits in Flickr descriptions. Basic blogger stuff!

Email Communication

You’ll also be added to an email newsletter specifically for me to send out any news or alerts that will be useful to you. I probably won’t have to use this much but I want all bases covered just in case there’s something super important I don’t want you to miss.

Post Tracking

I don’t have time to police your blogs and I’m sure you don’t want that anyway, so I ask that you submit any posts to our website so I can keep up with what you’ve posted. Those who submit posts will receive store credit as outlined in the compensation section below

Post submission isn’t required but being willing to do so will increase your chance of being invited back after your rotation has finished. I want to work with bloggers who are willing to work with me. I also want a stress free environment for all of us.

Submitting also gives you a chance to have your work featured on the Astrology blog and in the email newsletter sent to customers.


Bloggers who submit posts through our submission system will receive store credit at the end of their blogging season (or possibly once a month if I have time) based on how many posts they submitted. You can use this credit to purchase items after your season is over or to gift hairstyles to your alts.

It’s okay to submit photos or videos using items that aren’t new releases, but the actual content must be new (i.e. don’t submit a Flickr photo you uploaded 2 months ago before you were an official blogger).

Time Off

All bloggers are entitled to 1 month of “off time” should they need to take a break from SL responsibilities or products released that month that don’t fit with your personal style. Please don’t feel like emergencies, necessary time off from SL, or a temporary clash of style will get you kicked. Just let me know if you won’t be able to meet the post quota for the month.

If you’re constantly requesting time off and you’re not a permanent blogger, you may be removed. If our products aren’t a good fit for you, your spot is better filled by someone who can blog them more regularly.

Apply Now!

If all this sounds good to you, you can apply right now. Just fill out this application. I look forward to checking out your entries!

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