Astrology is back! With several changes

Astrology is back! With several changes

Originally, I was just going to make an appearance at Hair Fair, but hiiiiii, hellooooo! Here I am again. It’s me, Alice, the hair making addict.

What Happened

Shortly after opening Astrology, I was just not in a good mindset. Unfortunately, after a few months, I shut down completely and that meant not being in SL.

It wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever done, but it’s what I really needed at the time.

(You can read more about that here.)

But over the last year, I’ve slowly returned to Plurk and that itch to create things has slowly crept back up on me. I finally decided to give in and at least hold a marketplace presence, but now it’s snowballed into this whole big thing and here I am.

So What’s Next?

I have to admit, a lot of my excitement comes from learning a lot about online marketing in the past two years. I really want to experiment with all the things I’ve learned and possibly help other creators out along the way.

I’ve clearly got tons of experience under my belt on what NOT to do, so it’s way past time to figure what I SHOULD be doing. Marketing is one of the things I always struggled with before, especially since SL is at its core a world of its own.

Besides marketing, I’m really looking forward to improving as an artist. I understand this is something I do at a much slower pace than others, but it’s still something that I want to work on.

Changes at Astrology

In light of all that, it means that there are a lot of changes to be made within the brand.

Better branding

There’s nothing like looking back at a project and thinking “y i k e s, what was I doing!?” That’s how I feel about Astrology right now.

While I originally intended to do things “better” when I first created the brand, I really missed the mark. Nothing like a couple years really focusing on graphic design to set you straight on old projects.

So one of the first things I’ve done is start doing a brand “refresh”, so to speak. A new logo, new graphics, some changes in ad pics probably (haven’t really started in on those yet).

This website is super cute, but I see a lot of areas for improvement that I’ll be working on too.

Less content…

As I mention in my post about burnout, less is often more. Working TOO much has gotten me time and time again. So I’m going to try to do less so I can do more for an extended period of time.

Astrology will be focusing on releasing at events no more than 1 or 2 times per month, if at all. I’d really like to focus more on in-store releases, but there are also some fun events I just don’t want to miss.

I’ve decided this because time management is something that I really need to address, especially since I’m working on other, non-SL projects. To do this, I need to focus less on pumping out product after product at 50,000 events each month.

So with fewer events, I’ll be able to focus on creating better products. Maybe FINALLY get out the other half of my hair textures. *Gasp*, yes there’s more. Sort of.

Focus, focus, focus… ugh. Anyway.

…more marketing

Though I’ll be making less product, I still need to make sales!

This is where the marketing stuff comes in. SL is a big place and I know I reach a small audience. This is for two reasons; product quality and customer knowledge.

When it comes down to it, a lot of people simply don’t know I exist, or if they do, they don’t view me as high quality. It kind of stings, but as a business owner you have to think about things objectively rather than get hurt feelings about it (looking at you, tons of SL designers out there).

Better marketing will make it possible for me to fix this. I can have more time to practice and create higher quality products AND improve brand awareness.

You can actually buy things soon

Astrology hasn’t had an in-world or marketplace presence until now. I’m sure that will help A LOT. ?

I’m still working on getting everything set up, but you can now browse 1 product on our marketplace or visit the mainstore.

Wow, 1 product!! Yes, I know.

I’m getting the mainstore up first, then the marketplace. You can expect the store to be up on October 22nd.

The VIP group and benefits are changing

I kind of overstretched myself when planning for my VIP benefits before. So this time, instead of making promises and then trying to keep them, I’m going to make promises only on the things I know can achieve. Anything is extra will just be a special surprise.

Besides new VIP benefits, there’s also a new price. I’m lowering the group fee to L$50, down from L$250.

Right now it’s available for FREE until midnight on October 25th so join today for 10% store credit on every purchase and special VIP only releases during certain in-store events.

I’ll have more information about the new VIP changes soon.

I’ll actually use this website

I have a few plans for this website that I’ve both really wanted to do when I started Astrology and that are some new ideas.

The first of these is to highlight both customers and bloggers with special posts dedicated to my favorite photos from Flickr or some sort of blogger spotlight. I have notes on this idea but I need to find just where I put them.

Second, I would LOVE for this to become not only an awesome place to keep up with the latest store updates and view beautiful customer photos but ALSO a resource for creators. I’ve often done videos or live streams for people who need help with specific things and I’d love to make more and have them more readily available.

Better social presence

As a part of new marketing efforts, I’m going to work hand to keep this blog and our social media channels open and updated. You can follow Astrology on the following social platforms:

Please follow to show your interest in your favorite platform!

Yes, the profiles are pretty barren right now but I promise you I’m working on it! I have lots, lots, lots of new things to do, plus events, plus work on my two RL blog/business, so I’ve been prioritizing the BIG things first, like strengthening my branding, that will then trickle down into other things like my social profiles.

Email newsletter

I’m still working out the kinks but soon there will be an Astrology newsletter. Technically there’s supposed to be one now, but since I set it up so long ago without emailing anyone, I’ve just wiped the list and will be starting over.

I love newsletters because they make it easier to stay in contact with you while also giving you control over what notices you receive. No hunting for subscribers on private sims when you want to unsubscribe, either.

There’s gonna be some interesting things going on, including some subscriber discounts and a contest to get the list rolling. I’ll have more information available about that soon!

Contests and giveaways will be happening

I’ve learned a lot of things about promotion through contests that I’m excited to try out! As mentioned before, I’m working on my first one now.

I’m hoping to run contests regularly, giving people a chance to win some free hair, store credit, or gift cards.

What About Alice Project?

Alice Project has been on hiatus since 2017.

I don’t WANT to say it’s officially closed, but since the vendor system I used died, it should probably just be officially closed. There will be no new products and I’ll be working on moving any other products that aren’t there already to marketplace.

Alice Project VIP Group

This is the BIG reason why I don’t want to say “closed!” My VIPs are amazing and I appreciate your support over the years so much. I really want to continue to allow you to access available gifts for as long as I possibly can.

While I still want to maintain a presence for VIP members to continue to use their benefits, there technically shouldn’t be an AP store up at all (totally thought I’d removed it during my breakdown, daaaaaamn). We’ll see once I find a permanent home for Astrology, assuming all this stuff works out. ?

If you’re a member of the Alice Project VIP group and already have all your free VIP gifts or purchased the VIP pack you want, it’s safe to leave that group. You may join the Astrology VIP group for free until the end of the 24th of October (SLT/PDT).

Failed 2018 Purchases

If you made a purchase after May 2018 while the vendor system was down, remember to IM me for a refund or redelivery. I *think* I got everyone who IMed or sent a notecard, but I may have missed people.

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