Astrology Mainstore is Open

Astrology Mainstore is Open

I have to admit, when I opened the VIP group the other day, I was surprised that

  1. people actually joined, and
  2. people were asking where the mainstore is.

Honestly, I’d hoped to have it available right after Hair Fair closed, but finding a new vendor system and working on my Pinterest course beta took up most of my time.

So I’m proud to finally announce that the mainstore is officially open! Thanks so much for your patience.

Now if I can just get marketplace going lol.

Bloody Halloween starts tomorrow

Bloody Halloween event poster

To kick off the opening, I’ll be doing the Halloween event I used to do with Alice Project this year featuring BOTH Alice Project and Astrology hairstyles. I missed out on doing this in 2016 and 2017, so I’m doubling up this year to include hairstyles that haven’t been bloodied yet.

For those unfamiliar with how these events work, here’s the scoop!

How this event works

Every day during the event, I’ll put out a hairstyle in a special color pack for free.  After 24 hours, the price for each pack increases to L$50.

For this year’s Bloody Halloween, there will be 3 hair packs for both Alice Project and Astrology, but this year I’ll also have fat packs now. Yay!

This is because I’ve created HUDs for Astrology this year and having all the textures in a single HUD is pretty cool. Alice Project hairstyles will remain unscripted as usual since this is the last time I’ll be doing this event with that brand.

So after a day as a free product, each single pack will be L$50, or you can buy all three packs for L$125.

Contest event coming soon too!

I’ll also be doing a special ENTIRE STORE giveaway! I’ll post more info about that tomorrow with what the prizes are and how you can enter.

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