Old Astrology VIP Group Benefits

Old Astrology VIP Group Benefits

Update October 2018: These are the OLD VIP benefits! A new post with the new information for the VIP group will be available once I’m done fleshing out the details.

For right now, VIP members can earn 10% store credit and the new fee pricing is L$50. Pricing is subject to change.

The Astrology VIP group is open for new members! This brand is just getting started, so if you join, please bear with me for the first few months. That doesn’t mean there’s not anything in it for you straight away, though.

Please keep in mind that benefits may change at any time. Group enrollment fees will not be refunded for ANY reason.  SL will ask you if you’re sure you want to pay to join a group, so no excuses.

First Month Benefits

For the rest of April and all of May, I’ll be offering L$500 in store credit for new VIP members. So if you join, you’ll get double what you paid to spend on new hair! You can use store credit at events, so you’ll be able to collect a couple of packs of our new releases.

VIP Benefits

  • Increased store credit (10% instead of 5%) on in-store and marketplace purchases only (not possible at events, sorry)
  • Monthly Gift – L$250 store credit or free access to a new release a month before it goes on sale instore (more info below)
  • Chat with other group members

Increased Store Credit

All customers receive 5% store credit on purchases, but if you wear your VIP tag while you shop, you’ll earn 10%. This is good for in-store and marketplace purchases only. Events require items to be rezzed under the land group for the event so unfortunately, I can’t offer extra credit during events.

Monthly Gifts

A VIP-only gift will be available each month. This will be either a L$250 store credit that you can pick up at the store or advance access to a new release. A notice announcing what the monthly gift is will be sent out to the VIP group as well as the email list.

L$250 Store Credit

The store credit must be picked up by you at the store. You can do this at our customer service kiosk at the mainstore. If you don’t pick up your credit, it can’t be added to your account, so remember to stop by to pick it up! You don’t need to spend it right away, though.

With L$250 you’ll be able to grab 1 one free color pack of any hairstyle each month. Use it for yourself, your alts, or to buy gifts.

New Release

For some months, the VIP gift will be advance access to a new release for 30 days. After that month, the release will be able in store as a regular product for anyone to purchase. Being in the VIP group is a chance to receive a new hairstyle for free and way before anyone else.

Join the VIP Group now!

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