Invite your friends, win 5 fat packs… OR THE ENTIRE STORE

Invite your friends, win 5 fat packs… OR THE ENTIRE STORE

Am I crazy? Yes! Am I crazy for doing this? Probably!

But it’s done. I’ve set it up. I’m typing it. It’s happening.

Astrology is having a…

Referral contest giveaway! For the entire store!!!

You could win up to 21 currently available fat packs + 3 new fat packs of your choice. I’ll probably have a couple new releases between now and January 15th, so you’ll get those too.

I'm gonna go into further details on the contest in this post and also give you some ideas for promoting your invite link, but you can skip around if you're looking for a specific part:

How it works

You sign up for the contest right here and share the link provided to you. From December 15th to January 15th you can campaign to refer people to the contest. Every time someone signs up through your link, you get a point.

The 3 people who refer the MOST people to the contest are guaranteed a prize and a chance at winning THE ENTIRE STORE. Everyone else has a chance to be one of 5 people who will each win 1 fat pack.

There will be 8 total winners once the whole thing is finished.

Three ways to win

Here are the THREE ways to win with this contest. And if you're not already signed up for our email list (which most people AREN'T since it's brand new), you win no matter what!

Win THE ENTIRE STORE + 3 new releases

At the end of the referral period, the top 3 referrers will be entered into a drawing to win the super grand prize of THE ENTIRE ASTROLOGY STORE, plus 3 future releases.

This is for REGULAR RELEASES by the way, not any special in-store event or gacha products that may or may not be coming up in the future. They won't be compatible with the vendor system required to give out your free releases.

Win 5 fat packs

The other two top referrers will receive 5 fat packs of their choice. These will be issued via 100% off coupons, so you can use them immediately or save them for later.

Win even if you don't invite anyone

Even if promoting isn't really your thing, sign up anyway. Everyone who enters and doesn't win one of the three grand prizes will still be entered into a drawing to win one of 5 MORE fat packs for any hair of their choice.

You also get that sweet 45% discount off 2 purchases from signing up for the email list, which yes, you can do through the referral contest.

Ways to promote your link

Your success is my success, so I'm going to help you with some ideas for racking up those referrals. These should help you promote your link without spamming it everywhere. No one wants that, and it doesn't make the contest look great either.

Tell your friends

This is the simplest way to start racking up referral points. Just pass your link over to their IM box or whatever.

Share on social media

Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, you name it. Share share share!

Share on Discord

Free feel to share with your Discord friends or any Discord servers you're in that allow posting of promotions.

Remember to follow the rules of each server and do not spam.

Create a blog post

Create a new blog post to talk about the contest and invite people to join through your link. If you have any Astrology hair already, you can use it in a photo, too.

Add to an existing blog post

Got a post with some Astrology hair that gets you a lot of hits? Use it to your advantage!! Edit your post to include your referral link.

Add to a Flickr description

This works best if you already have some Astrology hair to use in a photo, but you can also try adding a text-based graphic to your feed.

Share with your customers

If you're a creator, one way to promote is to tell your customers. I'm not sure if many of you will WANT to, but eh, it's worth a try to mention.

Remember, please do NOT spam groups with referral links. Thank you.

Referral Contest FAQ

Okay, who am I kidding, no one's asked anything yet, but here are some questions you MIGHT be thinking right now. If you have something that's not on this list, go ahead and ask me and then I'll add it. Then it will be on this list.

If I'm already on the email list, does that mean I'm eligible to win?

No!!!!!!!!! ? (laughing at myself for that "no" btw.)

You must sign up through the contest system to be able to invite people and to win. Even if you're already on the email list, you still need to register for the contest.

How will I know if I've won?

I'll be announcing the winners on this website, in my groups, and on applicable social platforms, possibly even live! I'll also be contacting you via email and in-world if you've won.

How will you pick the winners?

The top three referrers are guaranteed to win at least 5 fat packs. From those three, I'll run a random number generator to pick the winner of THE ENTIRE STORE.

In the event of a Top 3 tie, I'll RNG to narrow it down to three.

After that, I'll pick 5 more people from everyone else on the list to receive 1 fat pack each.

How will I receive my prize(s)?

The ENTIRE STORE grand prize will be sent from me, AstrologyStore, directly to the winner.

Fat pack prizes will be issued as 100% off coupons that you can use at your leisure. So you can use it on an existing hairstyle, or save it for the future.

If there's an issue with vendors, you can contact AstrologyStore to have me deliver your prize manually when you're ready to use it. I'll keep you posted if any problems arise and I have to change delivery methods.

Do I get anything for just participating?

Yes and no. Everyone who signs up to the Astrology email list receives two discount codes, one for 15% off and one for 30%, so you'll get that rather you actually invite anyone or not.

What if I make a purchase during the giveaway, but WIN THE ENTIRE STORE?

No worries, friend! I will refund you the cost of any purchases made during the event only. Not before, not after. Just during.

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