December 15 - January 15

That’s right! I’m giving away my whole store to 1 lucky winner.
7 others will also receive special prizes, but EVERYBODY WINS with a 20% off coupon for in-store purchases.

Grand Prize - 1 winner

  • 1 random winner from the top 3 referrers
  • 21 currently available Fat Packs and Custom Packs (for your color convenience)
  • 3 future Fat Packs and Custom Packs of your choice
  • L$33,600 value

5 fat packs - 2 winners

  • 2 top referring winners
  • 5 Fat Packs of your choice
  • L$5,000 value for each winner

1 fat pack - 5 winners

  • 5 random winners
  • 1 Fat Pack for a hairstyle of your choice
  • L$1,000 value for each winner

20% Off Coupon - Everybody wins!

  • Unlimited winners
  • 20% off coupon for an in-store purchase
  • Refund for purchases and new coupon if you win the grand prize
  • L$50-200 value

Contest FAQ

Where can I find my invite link?

Click the big button on this page or any of the “enter now” buttons on the info blog post to check your contest status. From there, you can copy your invite link or create social media posts.

If I’m already on the email list, does that mean I’m eligible to win?

No!!!!!!!!! 😂 (laughing at myself for that no btw.)

You must sign up through the contest to be able to win as the contest runs on a seperate system. So even if you’re already on the email list, you still need to register for the contest.

How will I know if I’ve won?

I’ll be announcing the winners on this website, in my groups, and on applicable social platforms, possibly even live! I’ll also be contacting you via email and in-world if you’ve won.

How will you pick the winners?

The top three inviters will be guaranteed at least 5 fat packs. From those three, I’ll run a random name generator to pick the winner of THE ENTIRE STORE.

In the event of a Top 3 tie, I’ll RNG to narrow it down to three.

After that, I’ll pick 5 more people from everyone else on the list to receive 1 fat pack each.

How will I receive my prize(s)?

The ENTIRE STORE grand prize will be sent from me, AstrologyStore, directly to the winner.

Fat pack prizes will be issued as 100% off coupons that you can use at your leisure. So you can use it on an existing hairstyle, or save it for the future.

If there’s an issue with vendors, you can contact AstrologyStore to have me deliver your prize manually when you’re ready to use it.
I’ll keep you posted if any problems arise and I have to change delivery methods.

Do I get anything for just participating?

Yes and no. Everyone who signs up to the Astrology email list receives two discount codes, one for 15% off and one for 30%, so you’ll get that rather you actually invite anyone or not.

What if I make a purchase during the giveaway, but WIN THE ENTIRE STORE?

No worries, friend! I will refund you the cost of any purchases made during the event only. Not before, not after. Just during.