Get Help with Astrology Products

Get Help with Astrology Products

If you need help with a product, please contact AstrologyStore with your question. Please send your issue ASAP to receive the quickest service. No need to say “hi” or “are you there?”


You can grab redeliveries at the Astrology mainstore from the customer service kiosk. If you aren’t able to get something from the kiosk, you can message AstrologyStore with your transaction information. I’ll verify the purchase on my end and send you a replacement.

Product Issues

Occasionally, I mess up a product and I’m not even aware of it. If you notice a problem, please let me know! Send an IM and a notecard backup to AstrologyStore with the exact product you need help with and the details of your problem.Please check out the following examples of bad and good requests.

Please check out the following examples of bad and good requests.

Bad Customer Service Request

Hello, I bought your hair and I can’t get it to work

Good Customer Service Request

Hello, I purchased Magenta in the Color Fun pack and it’s not changing the colors of the hair.

I’m here to help

Hopefully, you won’t need to contact me about anything, but if you do, help feel free to contact me!

4 thoughts on “Get Help with Astrology Products”

  1. hello I’ve seen your hair but I can not find them one of my friends said they have taken you from you are called Astrology: Wha’t’s Good Kelly is it possible for them to whom I have to ask I would buy them

  2. HelloI tried to buy in your store but it does not buy me I need the group and the vendor scripts are closed as I can do

    • Hi! Sorry at the moment all products are unavailable in world. I’m hoping to get them on marketplace soon but I’ve been busy with other projects and RL and haven’t gotten around to finishing them up yet. My apologies.

  3. Hi This is Roblem Hogarth, I run the Snatch City sim. You have store that is behind on rent and isn’t set up. (lot of inventory rezzed out, not on the walls) I have sent a few notecards and IM’s with no response. Can someone contact me about the store status. Thanks,

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